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Why You Shouldn't Get Layers in Fine Hair

Got fine, straight, long hair like Naomi Watts? Don't listen to hairdressers who want to layer it.

After years of bouncing around every hair salon in town—like some kind of hair salon FLOOZY, really—I'd like to think I know a thing or two about the hairdressing talent pool in this city.

YES there are a few real gems, the brightest being my now Forever Hair Man Bill Angst. But I've also, during my years of beauty editor experimentation, had a few too many hair appointments gone wrong. Let's just say that Toronto is no New York.

From The Styling Edit Archives

Which is why I now only let "my people" come near it. I know that sounds extreme, but every once in a while I'm reminded of why I made this rule...

Beware of hairdressers who think everyone should have layers

The other week, after a touch-up at my colour place, I got my hair shampooed and blown-dry by a new guy. Now tell me if this sounds familiar. (It should, because it's the novice hairdresser's standard M.O.)

His line of questioning starts with this: "So who'll be cutting your hair today?"

"Uh, nobody." I tell him I get my hair cut elsewhere.

They hate this.

I could just tell he was ITCHING to pull out his scissors and go to town on me. I started getting nervous.

Then—wait for it—as he's combing through my hair he says in his all-knowing (borderline condescending) voice: "And why don't we have any layers in here?"

First of all, WE?

And second of all, have you SEEN my hair, guy?

I don't know what they're teaching in hairdressing school these days, but people whose hair is simultaneously A) fine, B) straight and C) long simply cannot handle a lot of layers.

Exhibit A: Naomi Watts. Doesn't this blunt cut (shown off at the Salt premiere a few weeks ago) look AMAZING?

Certainly much better than this, right?

Those layers weren't working for her, were they? Because her hair is so fine, they just look stringy and make it look like she has even LESS hair.

I think the blunt cut is much better: her hair looks thicker and instantly 1,000 times more modern. Agree?

Now I'm not saying you shouldn't have any layers at all. But if you do, they should be as LONG as possible. Like this:

DO NOT let your hairdresser try to tell you that layering your hair halfway up your head is the answer. I've been there, done that (got the T-shirt) and you'll hate it. Trust. Layers may work just fine on curly hair but they're not a one-size-fits-all solution for all hair types.

The lesson: Get a cut that works with your natural texture

Forget about what's in style.

And don't let your hairdresser talk you into a cut that requires tons of product/styling tools to look halfway decent.

Find someone who'll give you a cut that works with what God gave you. (Granted, this is easier said than done in this town.)

But this is why, as I said, Bill's giving me blunt cuts for YEARS now. I still remember, in our early days together, him telling me: "There's not much you can do with your hair texture so focus on the colour, not the cut." Wise advice.

So tell me...

Does YOUR hairdresser know how to work with your natural texture?

Do you even agree with my stance on layers?

Have you seen Salt yet? Speaking of hairstyles, that Angelina sure is rocking a lot of different ones in that movie...