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How to Tone Down Highlights That Are Too Light

When your blonde is TOO blonde.
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Sienna Miller in 2011.

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Q: I have naturally dirty blonde hair and fair skin. I have been highlighting my hair for years, and it is quite blonde. I recently stopped using self-tanner and now my blonde hair appears too light for my complexion. But I don't want to go to a boring dirty blonde. How do I find the right colour for me? — Andrea

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A: Andrea, thank you for the question. 

Since you are naturally a dirty blonde and your skin is now looking more natural, the contrast between your hair and skin must be too strong.

I recommend for you to put in a lot of lowlights. Some should be finer and some should be thicker—but not too thick.

The lowlights should be a cool light brown tone, as that would help blend your skin and your hair together. 

This will make your hair look like when you were a little girl. Naturally fabulous!

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