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The Best (and Worst) Bangs for Diamond Faces

Find the best fringe for your face with these tips and celeb examples!

We've discussed all kinds of face shapes so far: roundlong, square, heart, inverted triangle and pear. This week, we focus on the rare diamond face shape. (And there's just one more to come—oval!)

The diamond face shape is an uncommon one—I would say it's the most unique of all face shapes. The majority of diamonds tend to wear their hair off their faces, and I'm guessing it's because bangs can be très tricky for this type. Hide the face with too much hair, and you totally close it off, making it appear too small and narrow. But there are a few bang styles that can work to emphasize both the eyes and the striking diamond bone structure. One thing that works in a diamond's favour is that the face is in balance, similar to the oval.

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Keep in mind that your bang options may be limited by how narrow your hairline is (as we'll see on Selma Blair), as well as your individual hair texture. As always, talk to your stylist with the help of these visual aids to figure out which style will work best for you.

Do You Have a Diamond Face Shape?

If you're a diamond, then you'll have a narrow forehead and a narrow chin, that are about the same width. The cheekbones are the widest point of the face, and the chin is often pointy. But it's the hairline that is the telltale sign—on this face shape, it's more narrow than on any of the other seven types.

The Best Bangs for Diamond Faces

Long, side-swept bangs: A long, side-parted bang like Ashley Greene's is a no-brainer for diamond faces. The diagonal direction brings out the cheekbones and creates the illusion of an oval shape. One caveat is that it can sometimes be hard to get a side part with this face shape, because of the way the hairline narrows. (You can see how Ashley's bangs want to separate.) If that's the case, blow-dry into place as soon as you get out of the shower, and use styling products to give the roots hold.

Side-swept bangs: Camila Alves is wearing another version of the side bangs, except hers are fuller, shorter and sweep over one eye. These bring out the eyes even more, while the bare part of the forehead still elongates the face. Notice how the side part isn't that far off to the side—you can experiment to find the best spot where your hair is likely to stay put.

Centre-parted bangs: These cute little bangs on Vanessa Hudgens are parted down the middle (or can be worn just slightly off-centre). Their curtain effect hides a narrow hairline, and they're more likely to fall into place naturally, without the coaxing you need to do for side bangs.

Bardot bangs: Freida Pinto has a variation on the centre-parted bangs here. This Bardot-esque fringe is fuller on the sides and softly parts in the middle. Again, you can see how the tapering on the sides helps hide her narrow forehead, and the exposed forehead ensures her small face isn't overwhelmed by hair.

Faux-hawk bangs: Here's an unexpected bang style that actually works (for short hair). Selma Blair has an extremely narrow forehead, which definitely limits her bang choices. Instead of trying to sweep the bangs across (which would emphasize her hairline), she's gone up and out with a faux-hawk look. The punky texture creates interest and volume, so that the top half of her face appears wider.

Baby bangs: Because diamond faces are in balance (and usually have amazing cheekbones), they're one of the few types that can actually pull off teensy, tiny bangs—like Halle Berry is wearing here. Just keep them soft and textured.

The Worst Bangs for Diamond Faces

Wondering what not to do? Here are a few noteworthy examples:

Heavy, rounded bangs: Ciara is the perfect example of what I mean by bangs that close off a diamond face. Hers are so heavy, flat and rounded, with zero layering or softness—so the result is a face that looks oddly miniature.

Straight-across bangs: You might think simple, straight-across bangs would work—but as Lil' Kim demonstrates, this can just emphasize the width of the cheekbones and the pointiness of the chin. (I suspect she's had some surgical alternations that are exaggerating this even more.) Exposing some of the forehead would help diffuse this effect.

Long, straight bangs: The same principle applies here on Vanessa Hudgens (although it's not as extreme). Her bangs are so long that they're hiding her eyes instead of bringing them out. What they do bring out are her cheekbones and chin... but not in the best way. If she pushed them off her face, we'd be able to appreciate its prettiness SO much more.

Short, graphic bangs: With a diamond shape, you want to be careful not to create width where you already have it—at the centre of the face. I feel that's what Madonna's bangs are doing here. They're simply too graphic and are making her look very angular.

Wispy bangs: While I like the width that Katharine McPhee's hairstyle is creating at the bottom, her bangs are where it falls apart. They're too thin and wispy to be flattering; something more substantial, like Freida Pinto's centre-parted style, would've been a better choice.

Side-swept bangs: Here's a great example on Selma Blair of how a side-swept bang can be tricky, because it actually exposes the extreme narrowness of the hairline. Another problematic feature her is the width of her wavy bob, right at the cheekbones. I'd like to see Selma with a curtain bang style to disguise her hairline.

What’s your favourite style of bangs for diamond faces?

If you have this face shape, which hairstyles have worked for you?

What’s the worst style for diamond faces?