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Editor’s Picks: 7 of the Best Drugstore Blushes, All Under $15

My top picks for rosy cheeks, from Revlon to Rimmel.

While I definitely know the ins and outs of nail polish, I’m a little less well-versed when it comes to the makeup world—or at least the prestige makeup world.

I like to stick to the basics, and over the years have tried my fair share of drugstore items. So I figured, why not share my all-time faves with you in a "Best of" series? Nowadays, you so don’t need to dish out a lot of cash to get an amazing product. Skip your next trip to Sephora and get your cute self to Shoppers, ASAP.

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Let’s start this series off with one of my favourite categories: blush. I actually haven’t been wearing blush for all that long; it has only made its way into my everyday routine about two years ago. But what a difference a rosy cheek makes. In this list, there are a few classics I love, as well as a couple of new products that I can no longer see myself living without. Get ready to blush, ladies!

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush

These Revlon cream blushes come in four shades, and I’m obsessed with Coral Reef (on the left) and Flushed (the bright pink on the right). These aren't greasy, and are great if you're looking for a single-toned colour with no shimmer.

I like to apply this blush directly with my fingertips and blend it out on the apples of my cheeks. The colour really does last, and if you’re looking to pack more of a punch, they’re super-buildable, as well. Revlon is one of my favourite drugstore brands, and this blush is just another chapter in my love affair with them. Just look how pretty!

Buy online:, ULTA Beauty,

Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush

Sonia Kashuk is one of the most luxurious drugstore brands around, and I can’t get over their killer packaging. The sleek black compacts of these blushes are so slim and chic, and just feel so non­-drugstore to me. I'm always reaching for these because they’re pretty, but they get the job done, too.

I don’t really have a preference for cream or powder blush; I’m totally fine with both and that’s why both Sonia Kashuk formulas make this list. With eight shades between the two, the selection is pretty good, ranging from lighter and brighter pinks to more coral shades. And I love how these could be layered up. Want to use a coordinating cream and powder for longer wear? No problem.

The powders come in five shades and glide on really well. I love these three shades, especially the hint of shimmer in Sunset and Flushed. The lasting power of these is pretty good, too. After an eight- or so hour work day, I still have some colour on my face, which is always a good thing. And I’m never one to re-apply.

Buy online: Target

Sonia Kashuk Crème Blush

The creams in Sonia Kashuk’s line are far from greasy and blend beautifully. There are three shades, and again, they coordinate with the powders if you wanted to double up.

These glide on like buttah. Rosey and Petal are right up my alley, while Blossom would be best for very fair skin. These are a great choice for smooth, shimmer-free blush.

Buy online: Target

NYX Cosmetics Baked Blush

How pretty are these? If we’re going to talk about cute packaging, NYX totally wins because these blushes have little bow closures that are too cute for words. Sometimes it’s all in the little things, isn’t it?

It gets even better when that cute packaging is paired with a great product, and these blushes are just that.

Note: Their marketing claims go a little far with these, stating that they're are a blush, illuminator and bronzer all in one. I might not know everything about makeup, but I know that bronzer usually isn’t pink. So is this a bronzer? Uh, I don't think so.

I love the dimension in this blush. It’s not flat on my cheeks and brings light to my face, which is always good. See that shimmery goodness? I guess that's where the illuminating claim comes in.

There are 12 shades, and a couple of my faves include Pink Fetish and Foreplay (my top pick). These babies can be applied dry, for more subtle colour, or they can be applied wet using a damp makeup sponge—and wow, what a difference! When wet, the blush transforms into this super-pigmented magic! While it may be a little much for me to pull off (it turns slightly metallic, as you can see), I was still kind of amazed when I tried it out.

Buy online: ULTA Beauty

Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze Blush Stick

I was confused when I first got these, not gonna lie. Blush in a stick—what? But it just works. This blush is perfect for anyone who has no time to deal with brushes, a.k.a. me. Just pop it open, twist it up, glide it on, and then blend it out.

As for all that shimmer you see, it definitely does not come off that intensely once blended. There are six shades in total, with something to suit every skin tone.

Above are my unblended swipes. Check out how pigmented these are! And they look kinda scary at first. I mean, just look at all that colour.

But thankfully, they blend out super easily for a nice flush of colour. Pretty, no? These are definitely a keeper on my list. Staying power is awesome, too, but I'm starting to think that cream blushes just generally have more lasting power.

Buy online:Well.caULTA Beauty, Target,

L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Blur Blush

Okay, if I was confused when I got the stick blush, you can only imagine my face when I got blush in a tube. First things first, it will feel like you’re getting ripped off when you buy this because it’s so light and airy, you’ll think the tube is empty. That’s just how fluffy this blush is. Weird, right?

The website describes this as “cushiony soft” and I couldn’t have put it better myself. The stuff reminds of a pillowy mousse, and it almost looks good enough to eat, too. Just look how fluffy!

A little bit of this stuff goes a long way. (There’s definitely way, way too much in my swatch, for example.) Above, just slightly blended, the colours are crazy bright, right?! But don't get turned off by how pigmented they are right out of the tube. They’re much less shocking once blended onto the skin, as you can see here:

I put much less on for the blended swatches, and look how amazing the colours are. (This blush also comes in a third shade, Soft Peach.) They literally melt into your skin and leave you with the prettiest flush of colour.

They're also so easy to wear and apply, making these a no-brainer if you're not comfortable fidgeting with brushes or application. I LOVE this blush, and it's by far one of the coolest I've ever tried. I just wish they had more colours!

Buy online: ULTA Beauty, Target,

Rimmel Stay Blushed! Liquid Cheek Tint

Am I the only who didn’t know all these tube blushes existed?! I'm totally amazed by these mousse-like blushes, if you can't already tell.

While both have mousse-like textures, the Rimmel has a little more weight to it than the L’Oréal blush; it definitely feels a bit heavier on your skin and in the tube. They don't disappear as easily, either; it takes a little more blending and a little more work, but the colour is also a little more intense (though not intimidating at all).

There are five shades, and they easily blend out into something very wearable, as you can see above. Once worked in, the texture of this closely resembles a cream blush. Lasting power on these blushes is ah-ma-zing. No problems with it staying put and keeping my cheeks rosy all day long. I love this on all counts!

Buy online:,

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