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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Hair Colours for Pale Skin with Pink Undertones

These shades were made for you.
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Best hair colour for pale skin

Q: I would love to settle on a "Life Colour." I am a hair yo-yoer and always seem to rotate from blonde to bronde to dark brown and sometimes red, then back again. I'm currently blonde, but my natural colour is dark brown.

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Hair consultation - Kate

Kate is constantly changing her hair colour from blonde to brown to red and back again.

My hair is constantly around shoulder length because I inevitably damage it from colouring and then need to cut it. My strands are very fine, but there are a lot of them.

Hair consultation - Kate

Kate keeps her hair shoulder-length due to damage from frequent colouring.

I'd love to know what colour is best for me, and am confused about whether I suit cool tones or warm tones. I'd also love a cut that will compliment my long face. Thank you! — Kate

Hair consultation - Kate

Kate is looking for her ideal hair colour as well as a cut to flatter her long face.

A: Kate, thank you for sending in your hair consultation request. Your skin tone is phenomenal, and it demands that you stay on the lighter side. 

Looking at your photos, the brown doesn't do much for you, and the orangey shade really does not suit you. You have a lot of pink in your skin, and orange and pink don't work well together.

So if I were you, I would stick with blonde shades. Those will be the prettiest of all with your skin tone.

The blonde that you already have, which is a cool blonde, works well. An ashy, sort of washed-out blonde is really good on you. 

Sienna Miller Serpentine Summer Party 2016

Sienna Miller at the 2016 Serpentine Summer Party.

However, if you want the colour of your life, it will be strawberry blonde. This is a warm but not orange blonde—like a copper gold. There's a difference between the orange that you had, and a gold. I want to see you with golden strawberry blonde. It would look outstanding because you're very close to Nicole Kidman's skin tone, which is light pink.

Nicole Kidman SAG Awards 2016

Nicole Kidman at the 2016 SAG Awards.

Amy Adams Nocturnal Animals Los Angeles premiere 2016

Amy Adams at the 2016 Los Angeles premiere of 'Nocturnal Animals.'

Evan Rachel Wood King Kong New York City premiere 2005

Evan Rachel Wood at the 2005 New York City premiere of 'King Kong.'

As for your haircut, I think collarbone length is the key for you. Either to the collarbone or half an inch shorter. If you go longer, it will make your face seem longer.

I think if you could have some soft, long layers, you'd look really good. And if you could have a fringe, it would be even better. The fringe should be side-swept and landing on the cheek. That way, it sort of visually divides your face to make it look less long.

Emma Stone Stand Up to Cancer 2016

Emma Stone at the 2016 Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser.

Kristen Bell Independent Spirit Awards 2015

Kristen Bell at the 2015 Independent Spirit Awards.

Jessica Alba Golden Globes 2006

Jessica Alba at the 2006 Golden Globes.

These are simple touches, but make sure to choose your colourist carefully. Strawberry blonde is an extremely hard colour to create, so he or she must be very skilled in order to achieve what I'm talking about.