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Ribbon Hair Ties are So Much Better Than Regular Elastics

Especially in these fun colours and patterns!

Ribbon hair ties are the new clear elastics.

Are you with me on this? They are all I want to wear right now—and I used to be obsessed with the clear kind. I think it started sometime in the mid-'00s, when I decided they looked cooler, especially with light hair, than the plain black Goody ones I'd been wearing previously. Even though the rubber snags a lot more.

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But now, I've taken a cue from celebs like Hilary Duff and Jennifer Aniston and have switched my loyalty over to the ribbon ties... which aren't exactly ribbons but wide, flat, stretchy elastics tied in a knot.

They elevate what would be just a boring ponytail into something much nicer, right? A regular elastic would look like you didn't even try, but these dress it up without requiring any additional effort. I have a few of them in different colours and patterns, and I always get compliments when I wear one.

I also find ribbon ties the gentlest on my hair. They don't snag or tug, and they don't leave a crease in your hair when you take them out. As for how many times they wrap around, I do three—and I have fine hair but a lot of it. I find three is perfect to secure the tie without making it uncomfortably tight. If you wanted, you could always wear a regular clear elastic underneath and put the hair tie on top, like Hilary Duff is doing above.

The ribbon ties also come in headband as well as ponytail form. Think Rachel McAdams last year in this adorable top knot accented with a black headband:

You could also use them to loop your hair into an easy bun or side bun.

I was sent a few samples to try from the indie company Love Me Knot—who I have to say, make some of the best patterns. My faves include the black and gold chevron tie from the Lock & Roll set:

The floral tie from the Top Knot set:

And the studded tie, also from Lock & Roll:

Apparently Molly Mesnick is a fan. (Remember her from The Bachelor? Haha.)

I'm sure you've also seen the ribbon ties at Sephora. I can't detect any difference, save for the colours. They come in six different colour palettes so you have to choose either all pinks, all purples, all greens, all blues, metallics or neutrals (which is kinda limiting if you ask me).

My Sephora pick is the metallic set, since they go with everything and are a little more interesting than the plain ones:

The Emi-Jay line (apparently the original ribbon hair tie makers) also has some fun selections. I love the gingham and polka dots in this set:

Also the leopard:

Midnight Camo:

And they make these glitter headbands, too:

So fun! And if you're in a pinch, Goody even makes these things now in solid colours. You may be able to find their ribbon ties at Target:

The bottom line: These bad boys are everywhere right now, and you should try 'em.

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