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This is the Best Silicone-Free Primer for Oily Skin

It soaks up oil and hides your pores.

Two things bother me about most primers.

One, many of them that claim to be "mattifying" don't actually, er, do that.

And two, pretty much all of them include silicone, an ingredient that can clog your pores and make everything worse.

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Well, big news. BIG news. 

For years, I've been looking for a decent silicone-free primer to no avail. (Well, I did find something from an obscure natural skincare company, but I may as well have been applying water to my face for all the good it did.)

But today, I am happy to announce that I've just finished testing a new mattifying primer that miraculously DOES mattify—and without those darn silicones to boot!

Meet Becca's Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector:

Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector.

Becca is a beauty line out of Australia that's all about perfecting the skin, which is right up my alley. 

The specific claim with this Primer is that it's like "liquid blotting paper." It specifically targets oil-prone areas and minimizes pores for up to 12 hours. TWELVE!

The stuff in here that replaces silicone is something called "EverMat," a complex of vegetal-derived ingredients that help to reduce sebum production. It's also free of oil, alcohol and fragrance. Sweet!

This is what it looks like out of the tube:

It has a soft gel texture.

The texture is like a soft, non-oily gel and it has a slight whiteness to it, but that goes away when you spread it out on skin.

Once it dries down, you immediately feel a difference. It is as dry as dry can be. 

The dry-down is completely matte.

In fact, if you run your finger over the area, it even tugs a tiny bit, like it's sucked up all the moisture already. The texture is noticeably changed, and it's almost like it tightens your skin up. 

The tugging side effect doesn't last more than a minute, though, before it's just nice and smooth—so no worries about makeup going on all weird and splotchy on top of the primer.

So how well does Becca's Primer work at oil control? I've been testing it underneath my tinted moisturizer/CC cream/foundation for a while now, and because I walk a lot, I do give my makeup a very good run for its money. (Like, arriving at my destination semi-sweaty kind of testing.) 

With this primer underneath, I feel like my coverage has never slid off, and I've never felt compelled to blot myself with powder in the ladies' room. It just hasn't been a problem. Oh, and you can apply this either underneath your makeup or on top for touch-ups.

A few final tips/observations:

  • Don't buy this if you have dry skin and zero oily areas. It'll just dry your skin out way too much and feel uncomfortable. My skin is combo, so my forehead and chin are hardy enough to take the oil-sucking capabilities of this primer. I tested it on my cheeks for a whirl a couple of times, and while it does hide pores well, it did feel too drying for me there.
  • It works well for spot oil control. I'll be sticking to wearing this on my T-zone only. Don't feel like you always—or ever—need to put it on your entire face.
  • Make sure to wash it off well. This is a key problem with silicone primers—if you don't remove them with a really good cleanser (like an oil-based one that cuts through the silicone), they're left sitting on top of your skin and you don't even know it. I know this is not silicone, but I'd still recommend a thorough cleanse after you wear this, just to be on the safe side. Since it's so VERY effective, you want to get it all off later, so skin can breathe.
  • Do a test-drive if you are acne-prone. I've had no issues at all, but you just never know with these things. Someone on Makeup Alley did report breakouts. So, see if you can get a sample to test on a smaller area of your face before you commit.
  • I'm not sure about the slight white tint on darker skin tones. Does it show up or disappear? Please let me know if you've tested.

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This is the best silicone-free primer for oily skin.

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