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The Best Shampoo and Conditioner for My Fine, Colour-Treated Hair

Hate hair products that weigh you down? They made these ones JUST for us.

Let me ask you something:

Why do brands think we want heavy, creamy shampoos and conditioners—just because we colour our hair?

From The Styling Edit Archives

(I’ve arrogantly assumed that you, too, have got fine, colour-treated hair, seeing as you clicked on this post.) Maybe it’s stick-straight like mine, or maybe it’s wavy or curly. But I’m pretty sure we’re all in agreement about not wanting it weighed down with a bunch of goo in the shower.

Probably one of the reasons you have colour in the first place is because the dye plumps out your hair strands so they’re not quite as fine and slippery. The last thing we need is some rich, heavy-duty shampoo or conditioner. Sure, they might keep colour looking fresh, but it won’t matter when it’s all lanky and greasy.

That is why, when confronted with the choice between colour-protection benefits and volume, I always, always choose volume. Except now I don’t have to! The John Frieda® hair care experts recently reformulated their Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner:

Didja see? They’re now specifically for colour-treated hair. So there’s no worrying about accelerating the fading process, even though they’re super-lightweight. Hair prayers answered.

I’ve actually been using this duo since December of last year, when I first got my hands on some media samples. They’ve been in my shower ever since, which is a big deal. I’ve almost used them up, in fact! Evidence:

Here’s what I like about them. The shampoo not only gives you a thorough clean, it’s also clear—which is great, since in my experience the white ones are always too heavy. The conditioner is a translucent white; also a good sign. They formulated the conditioner to add “grip” to fine hair, along with shine and volume benefits. Neat, huh?

It’s also a great detangler:

Another cool feature is that the volume-boosting technology in the shampoo gets activated when you blow-dry! I’ve experienced this to be true. I’m usually a lazy air-dryer, but when I do make the effort to heat-style after using these products, the effect is very “wow”*:

*Well, “wow” for a fine-, flat-haired person. In my world, this is big hair! And all I did here was blow it dry with my head upside down; no special handiwork with a round brush or anything.

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