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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Shades of Blonde for Fair Skin

Keep your roots a little darker.
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Best shades of blonde for fair skin

Q: What shade of blonde would look best on me? I have very frizzy, wavy-ish hair. My natural colour is a medium blonde, but I think it looks dull. 

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Kira's natural hair colour is medium blonde.

I have very fair (almost see-though) skin, so I don't know what colour would look good without washing me out. Thanks for the help! — Kira

Kira has frizzy, slightly wavy hair.

A: Kira, by the looks of your hair, most of the frizz is self-induced. 

The top of your hair looks to be in way better condition than the ends. The highlights are too bleached-out, rendering them translucent, fuzzy and empty.

If you use a hair colour, rinse or even a gloss, this might help make your hair look stronger.

To make the most of your natural colour, I would do lowlights and highlights. Using colour (not bleach) for your highlights will help with the condition.

You are blessed with beautiful skin and eye colours, so I figure just about any shade of blonde would be fine.

I think it would be most effective to keep your roots a little darker—close to your natural colour—because it is most likely the best shade next to your skin. You could do some highlights at the roots, but fewer than are in the rest of your hair.

Here are some shades to consider:

Margot Robbie Elle Women in Hollywood Awards 2017

Margot Robbie at the 2017 Elle Women in Hollywood Awards.

Elle Fanning We Bought a Zoo New York City premiere 2011

Elle Fanning at the 2011 New York City premiere of 'We Bought a Zoo.'

Sabrina Carpenter Z100 Jingle Ball 2016

Sabrina Carpenter at Z100's 2016 Jingle Ball.

January Jones Rebels With a Cause Gala 2014

January Jones at the 2014 Rebels With a Cause Gala.

Kate Bosworth Life Happens Los Angeles premiere 2012

Kate Bosworth at the 2012 Los Angeles premiere of 'Life Happens.'

Amber Heard Magic Mike XXL Los Angeles premiere 2015

Amber Heard at the 2015 Los Angeles premiere of 'Magic Mike XXL.'

Look for a salon that uses Kevin Murphy colour products; they are my favourite. There is a clear product in his collection that helps bring life to the hair without changing the colour. I find it is a great gloss for after your highlights, to fill your hair and protect the colour from the elements.

Once you get on track with your colour, grow your hair to add weight. This will help with your natural waves and frizz.

I hope this is of some help….