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The Best Hair Colours for a Natural Brunette

Think: warm and tone-on-tone.
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Q: I've always had trouble with my hair. I want to know which colour and cut would be flattering for my face. 

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Deanna isn't sure blonde is her most flattering hair colour.

Deanna with brown hair.

I recently tried blonde, and I don't think it was the most flattering colour. 

Deanna with blonde hair.

Before my drastic change, my hair was naturally brunette.

Deanna's natural hair colour is brunette.

Deanna with brown hair.

Deanna with brown hair.

I want to re-dye, but don't know what colour I should do. Thanks! — Deanna

A: Deanna, I think it is wonderful that you go to extremes to really check out your hair options.

I agree with you that the blonde is not necessarily the best colour for you... but it's not that bad on you. I like it. 

However, I recommend that you have again what you already had—brunette. 

I'm totally digging the longer, darker hair, and eyeliner. 

Nicole Richie at the 2010 Met Gala.

There is a warm tone in your hair that makes it unique, and the ends are a fraction lighter, with a more golden tone than the rest of the colour. This adds so much personality to the subtext of your hair—a subtle but effective detail. I would play this up.

Lily Aldridge at the Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Bride collection launch in 2011.

Jessica Alba at the 2013 Variety Power of Women event.

I would like you to leave your hair long, with long layers to give you some movement. With your natural texture, a non-cut is the best cut for you. 

Mila Kunis at the 2012 premiere of 'Ted.'


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