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Reviewed: Chanel CC Cream (It’s Totally Worth the Splurge)

One of my favourite CC creams—and aside from the price tag, it's very, VERY good.

It makes total sense that Chanel would dominate the CC cream business.

Think about it. The double Cs? That's only been their signature since the Coco Chanel days. Good thing their product, like their fashion wares, is one of the very best.

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Maybe it's even THE best, but I have to knock off half a star for the price tag. At $50+, a tube of Chanel CC Cream doesn't come cheap. (That's mainly why the wallet-friendly Nip + Fab edged out a win for my fave CC of 2013—read my review here.) But today, let me explain why I also love Chanel's high-end option, if it's in your budget.

Oh, and I'll repeat: Chanel's and Nip + Fab's are the only two CC creams out of all the launches so far that actually work for me. Just two! There are a lot of so-so products out there that don't give enough (or frankly, any) coverage or are too dark for me.

So this is what the tube looks like. Unfortunately not super-big.

(Don't mind my chipped nail polish, by the way. That's why I rely on Natacha.)

Anyway, when it first launched, this CC only came in one shade, Beige 20, which is what I'm testing here. They've since come out with Beige Rosé 12, which they describe as having a slightly pinkish undertone, and it's specifically formulated for Asian skin.

Beige 20 is more yellow, so it's a good match for my neutral-to-pink skin. I can usually go either way on a foundation, as long as it's not too far on either the pink or the yellow scale.

Here is the cream unblended. (Note, these photos haven't been colour corrected at all.)

It comes out quite thick from the tube, and at first, I thought it was going to be too yellow for me. But this is the blended result:

As you can see, it cancels out some of the redness in my skin and gives a slightly luminous result. (Although don't worry, it's not at all shimmery or shiny-looking on your face.) The texture is moisturizing without being greasy; I would say it looks and feels a bit more matte than the Nip + Fab. Like, semi-matte but luminous. If you're on the oilier side, I think this product would suit you best; if you're dry, you probably want to layer a moisturizer underneath it.

What is particularly amazing about it is the coverage. It can go any which way. One layer gives you nice, medium coverage, but you can keep building and building and it doesn't cake up. In fact, that's one of the things they note in the press release—you can touch up with it as needed during the day, which can't be said for most foundations.

I find it stays pretty prefect on the skin for hours and doesn't have a heavy, foundation-like feel. Ingredients-wise, it contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize (which I think is why it doesn't feel greasy; it reminds me of how my SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel feels). The colour pigments are mineral and it also contains soothing cornflower water and rejuvencia, a collagen booster.

Couldn't find the ingredients listed on their site, so I snapped a pic of the box:

Notice that titanium dioxide is right up there—it's a mineral sunscreen (SPF 30). Yay!

The only things that disappoint, really, are the price and the colour selection. Price, well, it IS Chanel so what are you going to do? But I don't know how well Beige 20 or Beige Rosé 12 will work on even medium skin tones, let alone darker ones. Hopefully they'll release more shades soon.

Otherwise, it's a seriously beautiful product that perfects your skin and gives it a subtle glow without feeling heavy or greasy. Basically, your face will look amazing. Lemme know what you think?

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