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Reviewed: Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque and Essential Treatment (They Rescued My Over-Processed Hair)

These miracle products are like rehab for stressed-out strands.
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Hi, I'm Lori and I am obsessed with my hair. 

I know what you’re thinking. "Yeah, who isn't?" But ever since I decided to go blonde 10 years ago, I've put a ton of thought and effort into my hair—and I've also put it through A LOT to get there.

My hair is naturally dark brown, so hairdressers have bleached it, highlighted it, lowlighted it and toned it, to the point where it has become very damaged. Check this out:

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This is what over-processed blonde looks like.

It's extra-traumatized in these photos because a few months ago, I mistakenly had the already-bleached part of my hair re-coloured. Ideally only the virgin hair, i.e. the roots, should get touched when you have fine and damaged hair, like I do. Whenever you retouch blonde highlights, you have to be super-careful about overlapping bleach. Or, well, you end up with something like this:

Frizz, breakage, split ends—I had it all.

Honestly, sometimes I feel like my hair is more stressed out than I am.

But this is a story of HOPE. Since I’m not about to give up the blonde and go back to brunette, I’ve gone through a ton of trial and error with shampoos, conditioners, hair masques, protein treatments and serums. And now I've finally found a system that my hair absolutely loves. 

A hairdresser recently introduced me to Kevin Murphy’s Born Again line, which is specifically designed to repair hair that is extremely damaged or dehydrated. And so, enter two products that have become an essential part of my routine: the Born Again Masque and the Born Again Essential Treatment.

Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque

Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque

This is a thick, rich, white cream that builds strength in hair that's been stripped by bleaching and highlighting (sorry, hair!). I use it once a week after shampooing, applying the masque throughout my towel-dried hair. I start by massaging a little bit on my scalp, and then use a liberal amount from the mid-length to ends, where most of the damage is. Then I wrap my head in a towel and leave the mask on for a good 30 to 60 minutes. When I rinse it off, I like to leave a little bit in to keep my hair smooth until my next wash.

I knew I had come across a pretty great product when I felt the difference in my hair after the first application. Seriously! There was a change in the texture of my hair, from a scrunchy, straw-like feeling to something soft, smooth and, well, more hair-like. I was pretty excited, and as I've continued using the mask, my hair has become more manageable.

I think the reason is because it's packed with vitamins (E and B5), shea and mango butters, and deep-penetrating Babasu oil (from the Babasu palm). Just as our body needs nutrients, so does our hair! 

Kevin Murphy Born Again Essential Treatment

Kevin Murphy Born Again Essential Treatment

This treatment was recommended to me as a replacement for my regular conditioner. It's much lighter than the mask, so I use it every time I wash my hair. After shampooing, I apply a large amount from the mid-lengths to the ends, and leave it in for five minutes before rinsing it out. 

The key ingredients in this one include biotin, hydrolyzed silk proteins and shea butter. It's also specifically formulated with molecules so tiny that they can pass into the cortex of the hair. While the mask remains the core product in my hair recovery plan, the treatment helps protect against any further damage, and makes my hair less prone to breakage.

My Results

The combination of the mask and the treatment has seriously nursed my hair back to health. After two months of regular use (and a really good cut!), I can happily say that my hair feels soft again, and I can brush it without having to contend with too many tangles. 

Look at the difference:

My hair transformation after two months of using Kevin Murphy's damaged hair treatments.

I know it will take some time and patience for my hair to get to a place where it feels completely healthy again (at least six months according to my hairdresser), but without these products, I know it would take much longer to get there. Now, I’m not afraid of my fragile hair anymore. Am I being dramatic? Probably. But I feel like finally, something just WORKS. 

Where to Buy

Find the Kevin Murphy Born Again Masque and Essential Treatment at salons; see here to find a location near you.

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