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The Best Haircut to Get After Ombré

You won't have to curl it to look good.
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Q: My hair is currently quite long with Ombré ends. From the roots to about my chin is my natural colour, a light bronzy-brown. Other than the Ombré ends, I have no colour in my hair.

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Courtney finds her Ombré hair only looks good when she curls it.

I am finding the Ombré only really looks right if my hair is at the very least wavy. But I don't want to have to curl my hair for it to look good—since my hair is so straight and long, curling usually takes me over half an hour, and about half a pound of hairspray.

My hair tends to be healthy and I currently only wash it every three to five days, using dry shampoo from day three on. I like to wear it in a bun when it starts getting too dirty. It has a very slight wave if I let it air-dry, but straightens very easily with a straightener, blow dryer, or even if I brush it while it's drying. My hair is fine in texture (you should see me on a windy day!) but I have a ton of it.

I'm not married to keeping my hair long, but I'd love to know what you think. Thank you so much for your help! — Courtney

A: So, Courtney… 

I am thinking about a shorter cut for you, keeping the ends soft, as they are currently. 

Miranda Kerr with mid-length wavy hair.

The new length and layers will release the weight and give you a little lift and movement. If you wear this length straight or use a wand to add texture, you will rock a new overall style.

Big note to point out the subtle subtext of this look. The part starts from slightly off-centre, and then goes diagonally to become a centre part at the crown. 

Also try tucking your hair behind the ear on one side to open up the eye area and let us see more of your forehead.

This is a straight version of this haircut.

Jennifer Aniston with mid-length straight hair.

The curled version was to illustrate how to bring out your natural beauty by exposing your great bone structure and bright eyes. You could create the same facial exposure with this straight hairstyle.

Miranda Kerr at Christie's Green Auction in 2010.

For your colour, I recommend strategically-placed highlights and lowlights. 

Lowlights will deepen the ends for a balance of dark versus light, but you should still have the ends a bit lighter than the roots to mimic a natural colour. 

Then I would suggest a caramel rinse to finesse and blend all of the tones. You'll have a richer colour that will frame your face and make your eyes pop.


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