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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Hair Ideas for Brown Hair

Easy ways to update your look.
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Best hair ideas for brown hair

Q: Hello, I would really like to participate in the hair consultation. I have a lot of hair. Currently, it is not dyed—it's a cool, ashy light brown, and I get a few wiry white hairs.

From The Styling Edit Archives

Andrea wants a new look for her ash brown hair. 

My natural texture is thick, dense, coarse and wavy, but I chemically straighten it (Japanese thermal reconditioning). 

Hair consultation - Andrea

Andrea has thick hair that she chemically straightens.

I've had the same style for a while and would like a little change. I'm especially interested in a new colour, maybe something that would pump it up a notch. Thanks very much! — Andrea

A: Andrea, if I sound like a downer, sorry in advance... I am going to tell you the same thing I tell everyone who has really gorgeous hair: 

Leave it alone!

The depth of your natural colour is beyond beautiful. That could never come out of a bottle. 

The length and shine of your hair is hair commercial-worthy. 

Okay, I've said my piece… now on to the fun stuff! 

This cut has the perfect amount of layering and the perfect length of layers:

Ashley Greene Super Saturday to Benefit Ovarian Cancer 2010

Ashley Greene at the 2010 Super Saturday to Benefit Ovarian Cancer.

You will have more versatility to wear it straight or in waves, with an off-centre part or a side part:

Ashley Greene Teen Choice Awards 2010

Ashley Greene at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards.

These warm highlights would work with your base colour as well.

Here is a similar cut worn straight with a flatter side-swept bang:

Olivia Wilde Deadfall Los Angeles premiere 2012

Olivia Wilde at the 2012 Los Angeles premiere of 'Deadfall.'

This darker, glossy colour would also be stunning with your blue eyes. When you go lighter, you get more damage. Darker, way less damage. Something to keep in mind.

A lower-commitment colour would be to lighten the ends and underneath, with a few highlights from the eyebrows down:

Jessica Biel MTV Movie Awards 2010

Jessica Biel at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

This length and super-soft amount of layering can handle any part.

If long layers are not for you, then this bob would be super-cool with your natural colour:

Keira Knightley A Dangerous Method Toronto premiere 2011

Keira Knightley at the 2011 Toronto premiere of 'A Dangerous Method.'

Add these highlights and you have an edgier look:

Emilia Clarke SAG Awards 2016

Emilia Clarke at the 2016 SAG Awards.

Still pretty, but a bit more sultry.

Have fun exploring your new look!