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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Haircuts for Fine, Straight, Blonde Hair

Work with your natural texture.
Haircuts for fine straight blonde hair

Q: Dear Bill, I'm a 28-year-old Danish girl. My whole life, I have been trying to find a haircut and style that suits me, but without any luck. 

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I have a round face and thin, straight, naturally blonde and Scandinavian-looking hair. It is really flat on the top.

Haircuts for fine straight blonde hair

Sofie's hair is fine, straight and naturally blonde.

I have really big cheeks and a small head. But I'm a tiny girl—5'3" and size XS. I have short legs, no hips and no boobs. So my hair should be feminine.

Haircuts for fine straight blonde hair

Sophie wants a feminine hairstyle that will flatter her petite frame.

I really hope you can help me choose a good-looking haircut. I'm a bit of a fashion girl, so I want a fashionable and easy haircut. I'm up for almost anything! Kind regards — Sofie

A: Sofie, thank you for your consultation request. Anyone with fine hair wants to have volume, curl, height and length. The reality is that the natural resources you were born with will dictate what will or won't work.

If your priority is keeping your hair long, then you might want to make peace with your fine texture and lack of volume. When it's long, fine hair tends to look thinner. The length also weighs it down at the roots, making it appear flat.

That being said, I think long, fine, straight hair can be beautiful—just keep the layering to a minimum and make sure the ends are crisp. 

Here are some examples of the company you keep with this style.

Kate Bosworth Montblanc Charity Cocktail to Benefit UNICEF 2010

Kate Bosworth at the 2010 Montblanc Charity Cocktail to Benefit UNICEF.

Jennifer Lawrence Elle Women in Hollywood Awards 2017

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2017 Elle Women in Hollywood Awards.

Anna Faris Guys Choice Awards 2008

Anna Faris at the 2008 Guys Choice Awards.

Emma Stone The Amazing Spider-Man London premiere 2012

Emma Stone at the 2012 London premiere of 'The Amazing Spider-Man.'

Notice how changing up the part or adding bangs can give you different looks.

If your priority is making your hair look thicker, then I recommend taking up the length to between the collarbone and the chin. A bob or long bob is always chic—with or without bangs—and gives the illusion of more bulk to the hair.

Naomi Watts Tommy Hilfiger flagship store opening 2009

Naomi Watts at the 2009 Tommy Hilfiger flagship store opening.

Margot Robbie Independent Spirit Awards 2018

Margot Robbie at the 2018 Independent Spirit Awards.

Kate Bosworth Whitney Contemporaries Art Party 2007

Kate Bosworth at the 2007 Whitney Contemporaries Art Party.

No matter which length you choose, you can also play with it by wearing it up or half-up, or by adding some bend with a curling iron.

Jennifer Lawrence Joy London photocall 2015

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2015 London photocall for 'Joy.'

Charlize Theron The Gunman Los Angeles premiere 2015

Charlize Theron at the 2015 Los Angeles premiere of 'The Gunman.'

Kristen Bell Frozen II world premiere 2019

Kristen Bell at the 2019 world premiere of 'Frozen II.'

I hope this helps you to make the most of your already pretty hair.