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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Haircuts for Long, Super-Thick Hair

Play with your part.
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Q: Hi Bill! Greetings from London! I have extremely thick, dark hair that I have to blow-dry twice a week to de-frizz and straighten. I find keeping my hair straight makes it far more manageable. I used to lighten it when I was younger, but recently am favouring a more natural look so I have let the highlights grow out. 

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Zeenat isn't sure her current style works with her thick, dark hair.

My question really is—do you think this colour and cut are working for me? I've never really had any other haircut, and am starting to wonder whether there is something more flattering for me out there, my "Life Cut" perhaps?! I feel slightly limited, given the thickness and texture of my hair. Best wishes and thank you in advance! — Zeenat

Zeenat wants to know if there is a cut that would be more flattering.

A: Zeenat, pretty cool name...

You are blessed with such strong, beautiful hair, I know how much work it takes to maintain.

I have to admit that even for myself, to tackle such a large volume of hair is intimidating. I know I am capable, but it's nevertheless a real chore for anyone to take on.

A new part will help distribute the weight of your ample hair into the right places for a new look. 

This centre part with darkened ends will show off the soft layers. It would also be amazing curled with a large iron for definition.

Shay Mitchell at the 2010 Young Hollywood Party.

Here is a side to centre part at the crown; this is great weight distribution for your hair at any length:

Cheryl Cole at the 2008 Girls Aloud book signing.

With the exquisite colouring, cutting and partings, this would be freaking gorgeous on you as well:

Mónica Cruz at the 2009 photocall for 'Jerry Cotton'.

If you are styling your hair twice a week, why not work this tousled look? Regardless of the colour damage, this would be crazy-beautiful on you. This would ravage your hair over time, but for a walk on the wild side it might be worth it…

Please note the partings, Zeenat. 


PS: Thank you for the face picture without hair as well as your full-length picture. 

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