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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Hairstyles for Curly, Blonde Hair

From elegant to beachy.
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Q: Hi Bill, I have green eyes, fair-to-medium skin and curly blonde hair that has highlights and lowlights. I travel a lot and am trying to grow out my hair because it seems to be easier for me. I have been living in Hawaii (and plan on moving back), and the sun and surf haven't been kind to my hair. 

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Melissa wants a low-maintenance style for her curly blonde hair.

I'd like to start blending in my natural dark ashy blonde hair, but still keep some highlights by my face. I'm not sure what colour and cut would work best for me as I attempt longer, blonde-ish hair. 

I am low-maintenance when it comes to styling. I mostly air-dry my curls and maybe curl a few pieces with an iron. I also want something that can stand up to sun, surf and travelling without being too damaged (like it currently is).

The first photo above is my normal curl (after LOTS of travelling—looks a little fried in the pic). 

My hair is rarely straight but you can best see what colour and length I have in this photo:

Melissa's hair when straightened.

Thank you for the consult! — Melissa

A: Melissa, I went off on a tangent first looking for a style that I would love to see on you, ignoring your request for healthy hair and no tool styling. So here I go on my tangent…

This is an elegant statement for you, using a wand, straightening tool or curling iron:

Lily Cole at the premiere of 'Snow White and the Huntsman 3' in 2012.

Lofty curls, soft bang, mayhem texture, lack of direction and straight bits. I know you don't want to do the work, but this would look super-fantastic on you.

I also know that you want to be more natural and with less damage to your hair—saying that, this is a blonde I would love to see on you:

Ashley Benson at Vanity Nightclub in 2011.

This is also a length and texture I fancy. Please note the chaos in the part—it's super-urban and beachy.

My dream of dreams for you is these long locks for a complete beach look... with very little work.

Shakira at the ALMA Awards in 2008.

Your hair looks as if the wave and curl could handle the length and weight.

You would need to be on a holistic colour program to get it this long and for it to be strong.

To style, I suggest a molding paste and a gel emulsified in your hands, and then applied on wet hair. Comb, scrunch and scrunch. Please no running your fingers through your waves and curls or you will create frizz.

So this is where we come to a more healthy hair colour approach. Highlights cleverly placed around your hairline and strategic peekaboo highlights can enhance your natural ash colour.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in 2011.

This is good for straight or curly, styled hair; just have them placed where you can enhance your features. This way, you have no obvious roots or roots will be minimal at best. Cool blonde highlights and tips…


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