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Ask a Hairstylist: How to Take Long, Blonde Hair to the Next Level

It's all in the details.
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Q: My hair is thick but fine in texture. The colour is light brown/dark blonde, with highlights in the colour. It is also layered. 

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Tya wants a style that will make her face look less round.

My main challenge is finding a style that doesn't make my face look fat and round. My other challenges are texture and colour. What do you suggest? — Tya

Tya has fine but thick, layered hair.

A: Tya, first and foremost, you don't have a round or fat face...

I recently travelled with a female friend and there were many events we attended. With her hairdresser in her back pocket, there were many hairstyles.

She asked me if a particular style I did for her was making her face look fat. I had never even noticed her face being "fat" before, and this was an eye-opener about how people see themselves. I'm sure even the most vain folks will find some fault with some aspect of their appearance.

From my perspective, I see a healthy, happy face with gorgeous cheekbones, a strong jawline and a beautiful smile.

I also love your hair the way it is. If you added this long layer to have a side sweep, that is all I would change:

Kirsten Dunst at a 2006 screening of 'Marie Antoinette.'

Side-swept long layers and fine blonde highlights.

It will add a subtle change, but still keeping the length and movement.

This is so similar to what you have, except the colour. Your colour is perfectly fine the way it is, but I think it could have a couple of details changed.

I have no problem with roots on blondes, but over time, the ends become a more solid blonde. Finer highlights at your part and hairline would help balance this out.

Also, having your natural colour peeking out from underneath will take it to the next level of perfection.

I hope this finds you well...


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