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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Short, Wavy Hairstyles to Elongate Your Face

A narrow style is the answer.
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Q: I discovered you through Pinterest, and I'm hooked on your blog! I'm so tired of my hair. It's between short and medium in length; flat and straight on the top; and wavy on the bottom. VERY wavy... crazy, curly wavy! 

From The Styling Edit Archives

Bonnie wants a more youthful-looking, "wash and wear" hairstyle.

I just turned 50, and have put on some weight (that, like everyone else, I hope to take off!), and I colour my hair because I'm not ready to let the grey show through yet. My real colour is just a tad bit lighter than this.

I really like a wash and wear style, since I don't like spending a lot of time on my hair in the mornings, and I'm not very good at styling. I would like something not too much shorter, but that will elongate my face, and not make me look so old, or so heavy. HELP! — Bonnie

A: Bonnie, thank you for submitting your consultation request. I am excited to help with your style shift. 

A longer length with a more narrow, lean shape would be amazing.

Mandy Moore at the 2005 Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards.

Mandy Moore at the 2005 Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards.

With this look, the accent on the side part opens up the forehead with less of a sweep in the fringe. 

The lighter colour also might be better with this longer length.

Some volume at the crown will add a three-dimensional quality to your head shape and enhance the style. 

Elisabeth Moss at the 2012 Peace Over Violence Humanitarian Awards.

A great start for styling would be molding paste on wet hair, then combed into place with a fine-tooth comb. Only when dry, loosen up the hair with your fingers.

May I suggest a pair of glasses that do not hide your lovely cheeks… and maybe some blush?

I also feel a shorter look is an equally valid option for your future of style try-ons.

With this shorter option, you could have the curly parts cut short and your straight bits left longer on the top.

Mariska Hargitay at the 2007 Emmys.

With a more side-swept look and the rich tones in this colour, you will be good to go.

To sum up: lip gloss, blush, highlights and a narrow cut.


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