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How to Get Red Out of Your Hair

This technique will do the trick.
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Q: My original hair colour is light brown with blonde and red through it. I've been a redhead (of varying shades) for many years, but I'm tired of it and have been trying to get back to brown. However, I'm finding it difficult. 

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They say that red doesn't stick to the hair very well, but I'm having the opposite problem! I can't get the brown to stay. I'm using a cool brown in an effort to counteract the red, but to no avail. What should I do to get rid of this red once and for all? — Maggie

Rachel McAdams at the 2013 London premiere of 'About Time.'

A: Maggie, I'm not sure what your hair colour looks like right now, but it sounds like a faded red-brown. 

When you have any red dye in your hair, if you keep putting brown on top of it, the red will always come back.

In order for you to get rid of the red, you have two choices:

  1. You can strip out the colour.
  2. You can do highlights.

I recommend you take the highlight route. 

You can do this either in the salon or at home with a highlighting kit

Don't go too light—choose a medium blonde with a lot of gold in it for the highlights.

L'Oréal Paris Touch-On Highlights

After you highlight your hair, then you should put in a brown. 

I’m not with you to see the shade of red in order to know how ashy you should go, so I would recommend a natural (neutral) brown. Then it will catch beautifully.

If this process doesn’t work, please write me again.

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