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Ask a Hairstylist: How to Get Bleached Hair to Grow Long

First, transition to a healthier blonde.
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Q: Hi Bill! You are fabulous and I'm in desperate need of your help!

From The Styling Edit Archives

Last year, I got bored of my hair and chopped it off into a bob, which I ended up hating. After growing it out some, I got it re-shaped into a long bob and it's currently growing out from that. 

Meghan is growing out a long bob.

I'm looking to continue growing it out long, but I need something that is flattering while doing so! 

Meghan wants a hairstyle that suits her round face shape.

My hair is bleached, as you can probably tell, but I take pretty good care of it with moisturizing treatments, Aveda products and protein. 

Meghan's hair is bleached and naturally straight to slightly wavy.

My natural texture is straight to slightly wavy. I would say it's of average thickness, since it's not thin and it's not coarse. My face is round and it's hard to find a good style, but I need a change! Can you help a girl out? Thanks! — Meghan

Meghan wants a new look while she is growing out her hair.

A: Hello Meghan, my immediate response to your blonde is: 

How do you expect to grow your hair with it that bleached?

In my experience, you can only get it so long without the ends breaking and getting too skinny. 

Once the hair has been depleted to this point, products only mask the damage, not erase it. Your ends need to be strong in order to get long hair. 

Here is a colour that would be a great transition to a healthier blonde:

Doutzen Kroes at the Victoria's Secret Supermodel Obsessions event in 2008.

While utilizing your existing blonde as a highlight, I would start to darken your roots, leaving some of your natural colour.

A slightly darker root also reads more "real." The rest of the hair colour needs to work with the root colour.

Filling hair that has been depleted adds strength and shine. [This is a two-part colour application that adds colour back into the hair, and helps the final colour penetrate more evenly.]

Changing your part and using a wand for some wacky and glamorous waves is a great way to get through the grow-out phase:

Chloë Moretz at a 2012 screening of 'Hick'.

But be super-careful with your hair appliances, as bleached hair is delicate and you want it to stay that way.

These are also other shades of blonde that would be striking on you:

Soft, mid-length blonde waves.

Long, highlighted blonde waves.

This is how your hair could end up if treated properly with colour—not so much bleach:

Elle Fanning at the 2011 New York premiere of 'We Bought a Zoo'.

Best of luck growing your hair. There are no other magic tips that I can offer up, because from here it is really about growing.