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How to Pose for Pictures: 13 Pro Tips for the Perfect Profile Shot

How do you take a great profile picture? Follow these posing tips from a pro.
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Take your best profile picture with these tips.

Ah, the profile picture. How can such a small square be so anxiety-inducing? Whether it's on Facebook, Instagram, or your profile, your profile pic makes an immediate first impression. It not only shows your friends (or would-be dates) what you look like—it also instantaneously drops hints about your personality, mood and self-perception.

As a photographer and makeup artist, it's my job to help people look their very best in photos. In this three-part series, I'll share some of my secrets behind looking not only comfortable, but confident in front of the camera. I'll be showing you both DOs and DON'Ts of posing, lighting and makeup, and embarrassing myself for your benefit in the process. (You're welcome.)

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Today's post focuses specifically on posing, and how to move your face and body so you look and feel great on-camera.

If you think about your favourite profile photos in the past, chances are that they were either taken by a professional who could guide you into looking natural, or cropped from a photo of you having fun with people you love. Am I right?

In both instances, you were likely relaxed and happy, and looking like the best version of yourself. But sometimes we need a new profile photo, stat, and we don't have professional help at the ready. In that case, simply...

  • put on an outfit you love,
  • do your hair and makeup in a way that makes you feel pretty (you'll find lots of tips on this site!), and
  • enlist a friend to take a few shots.

By following a few posing guidelines, you'll have a gorgeous new photo in no time! As promised, I sacrificed my own dignity by acting out every posing mistake for you to illustrate my tips. Feast your eyes on all the awkward glory (and much-needed dye job) below! Let's dive right in, shall we?

1. No blank stares.

No blank stares.

A blank stare just looks, well, blank. Engage with the camera and bring energy into your eyes. You'll look instantly more attractive, and less like your own mugshot.

2. Don't act surprised.

Don't act surprised.

Widening your eyes maniacally will only make you look a bit crazed. Relax your face and smile genuinely instead. (Editor's note: I find it also really helps if you squint your eyes a bit—it seems to help them stay put instead of opening up so wide!)

3. Be bewitching, not bewildered.

Be bewitching, not bewildered.

Let's be real here: if you look confused and/or reproachful, it's safe to say you won't look very comfortable. Turn that smirk into a smile!

4. Chin forward, not up or down.

Don't jut your chin up.

Many people who are self-conscious about their chin area will jut their chin upwards in photos (see above). Unfortunately, this only draws more attention to your chin area, and it never looks quite natural. If you're worried about your chin, the better option is to face the camera squarely, stick your chin directly forward by a few inches, and then angle your face down very slightly, kind of like this:

Keep your chin forward.

Pushing your chin forward tightens up the skin on your neck subtly and creates more of a defining shadow under your chin. As a bonus, the subtle downward angle of your face widens your eyes, making them appear bigger and brighter.

On the other hand, try not not to angle your chin down too much (see example below) as it can look a bit creepy. Remember, chin forward and (ever so slightly) down.

Don't angle your chin down too much.

5. Say so long to sidelong glances.

Say so long to sidelong glances.

Turning away from the camera and looking back only with the eyes distorts the face and looks a bit suspicious and unfriendly. If you do turn your face away from the camera, keep it to a 45-degree angle.

6. Avoid "the teapot".

Avoid "the teapot".

Many women have grown fond of doing "the teapot"—putting one hand on the hip—as it does have a slimming effect on the arms. Because so many people have adopted it, however, it's become almost a posing cliché and looks a bit cheesy. Instead, pull your shoulders back, place your hands on your upper thighs with the elbows tucked back, and lean your weight on your back leg. It has the same effect but it looks much less contrived. Here's a quick example:

Pull your shoulders back and place your hands on your upper thighs.

7. Just say no to selfies.

Just say no to selfies.

I get it. Sometimes an outfit, hair and makeup have come together so perfectly, creating a beauty and style miracle, and you've never looked better. You can't resist the urge to snap a photo of yourself in this magical moment.

But the next time you feel yourself reaching your arm up for a selfie, extend your arm just a little farther, tap a friend on the shoulder and ask him or her to take a quick shot. This has two immediate benefits: you won't be that guy taking the selfie, and your face and body will be in natural proportion, rather than warped from the wide angle of a self-taken photo. If you're dead set on being the only one to photograph yourself, familiarize yourself with the self-timer button on your camera, or invest in a camera remote.

8. Ditch the duckface.

Ditch the duckface.

Once an expression has earned several entries in Urban Dictionary, it's probably best to avoid it. Duckface, or any kind of pursed lips really, just look silly. If you're dead set on not smiling, relax your lips and part them slightly, and smile with your eyes instead. Just don't contort your lips into any kind of round or beak-like formation, promise?

9. Don't pose so hard it hurts.

Relax a little!

Unless you're a model and are required to sustain odd poses, if you find yourself cramping or pulling muscles when posing for pictures, you're probably posing too hard. On a similar note, if you have to twist yourself significantly to get into your "picture pose," maybe relax a little? Any of the following poses just scream "I'M POSING!!!"

The sideways teapot, head tipped, looking back over the shoulder:

Avoid the sideways teapot.

Face angled down, with no smile in sight:

Don't pose so hard it hurts.

I apologize for even including this next pose, but it's a thing:

This screams, "I'M POSING!"

Or this one:

Don't try so hard.

10. Don't be too sexy.

Don't be too sexy.

So there's sexy, and then there's WERKING really hard to be sexy. If you find your eyes aching because you're so busy making them smoulder, take it down a notch. You can do the same chin-looking-over-the-shoulder pose, but relax your face like this:

Relax your face.

11. Take your hands off your tummy.

Take your hands off your tummy.

Because as comfortable as it may feel, it will always create the impression that you're pregnant.

12. Tuck your hair back.

Tuck your hair off to one side.

Tucking your hair off to one side like above, or behind one ear like below opens up your face and shows off your neck nicely. It also looks more relaxed. As a bonus, if you have an oval or oblong face shape, it helps add width to your face too.

Tuck your hair behind one ear.

13. Let your real smile shine.

Let your real smile shine.

If you feel awkward smiling on cue, think of a person you love, or something fun or funny that happened recently. It'll bring some sparkle to your eyes and will instantly relax you.