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Reviewed: Kevin Murphy Angel Masque, a Colour-Treated Hair Mask That Won’t Weigh Fine Hair Down

Even my hairstylist noticed the difference.
Kevin Murphy Angel.Masque

We've been talking a fair bit about hair masks here lately. Katrina shared with you her cheapie drugstore fave for dry, unruly hair. Then, Lori revealed the one that rescued her hair from chemical over-processing.

And now I've got a hair mask story of my own.

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I don't think I've actually ever written about hair masks before, at least not in an "editor's pick" context, because I hadn't found anything really worth talking about. 

With my fine, colour-treated hair, most deep-conditioning masks are simply too rich and heavy for me to want to use on a regular basis. 

And that's exactly what Kevin Murphy was thinking when he created the new Angel.Masque!

Kevin Murphy Angel.Masque

Kevin Murphy Angel.Masque (Photo: @vacker_frolunda)

Even though it certainly FEELS rich and nourishing, it doesn't weigh fine hair down like most hair masks do. 

And not only does it deep-condition, strengthen and repair the hair, but it also helps protect from future damage.

Now I'll tell you about my results.

I've been using Angel.Masque for a couple months now, about every other shower in place of conditioner on my ends. You're meant to leave it on from two to ten minutes; I do about five.

True story: My hairstylist noticed how well it's been working. 

I practically live at Tony Chaar Salon, and they KNOW my hair. It's so long right now that the ends tend to get dry and a bit ratty. 

But last time I was there (and totally unprompted, I might add!), I was told that my ends were much smoother and healthier-looking.

The reason is this mask. I've tried all the high-end hair masks, but none have given me results like Angel.Masque. To sum up: #worthit!

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