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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Low-Maintenance, Medium-Length Haircuts

Easier than a pixie.
Low maintenance medium length haircuts

Welcome to our Hair Consultations column. Tony Chaar is a celebrity hairstylist and the owner of Tony Chaar Salon in Toronto, Canada. To request an online hair consultation, follow the instructions here

Q: Hey! My name is Ciara and I’m just wondering what you think is the best hairstyle and colour for me. I’m looking for something that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. I don’t like having to layer product in, and I try not to use a hairdryer on my hair all the time. 

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I currently have a pixie, which I really like, but I’m kind of wanting a change. Maybe just a different style of pixie cut, or I’ve even been considering growing it out into a bob. 

Low maintenance medium length haircuts

My hair is naturally a medium brown colour and it is poker straight. I have very fine hair, but my hairdresser always says I have lots of it. It can get quite staticky and gets oily pretty quickly. I try not to wash it every day, but sometimes I can’t get away with it.

Thank you for taking the time do my consultation and looking forward to seeing your suggestions! — Ciara

Low maintenance medium length haircuts

A: Ciara, thank you for a great description of your hair and for including a photo of your upper body. This was very good direction for me.

People always think that a pixie is going to be lower maintenance, but it’s actually the opposite—it’s higher maintenance. With a short haircut, you’re always going to be going to the hairdresser every eight weeks or sooner.

I think a bob will be closer to your goal of an easy-to-care-for hairstyle. I would do a medium-length or long bob around the collarbone.

Pixie with a Long Fringe

First, you will need to grow out your pixie. This is the hardest part. You want to grow the sides and top, keeping your fringe landing on the cheekbone:

Low maintenance medium length haircuts Keira Knightley

Short Bob

Then, keep growing it into a chin-length bob with a side bang. The back should stay short for now, until the rest of the hair catches up:

Low maintenance medium length haircuts Sienna Miller

This in-between stage is tough. We call it the awkward stage. Your hairstylist should be texturizing the weight from the top while it’s growing.

You will also need to become more creative than usual to create texture. I know you said that you don’t like to apply product, but you may need to use some to help get through this stage in the short term:

Ceremonia Guava Beach Waves Salt Texture Spray
Bumble and Bumble Surf Wave Foam Airy Texturizing Foam
Virtue Create Texturizing Spray

Also play with braids, scarves, hair accessories, curling it or straightening it. 

Chin-Length Bob

Once your hair has grown out into the bob, you will be able to air-dry it and it will become much easier to maintain:

Low maintenance medium length haircuts Olivia Wilde
Low maintenance medium length haircuts Jessica Stroup

Long Bob

By the time your hair is to your collarbone, being playful with it will come naturally:

Low maintenance medium length haircuts Emilia Clarke
Low maintenance medium length haircuts Lily Collins
Low maintenance medium length haircuts Natalie Portman

Add a little bit of soft texture, but nothing too crazy on the layers. Keep it simple. 

Bob or Long Bob with Bangs

The bangs suit you, so you could do a full fringe once you have the bob or long bob:

Low maintenance medium length haircuts Emma Stone
Low maintenance medium length haircuts Olivia Wilde
Low maintenance medium length haircuts Emma Stone

Colour and Highlights

As for your colour, if you keep it the way it is now, you’re going to have too much darkness around your face with the bob. So you will need some colour on your lips, like a coral:

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Sexy Sienna

Otherwise, I suggest doing more of the sun-kissed highlights that you already have. They should be a little bit gold (think: Gisele), like you’ve been on the beach for two or three months:

Low maintenance medium length haircuts Dakota Johnson

This will soften your skin tone a lot. 

I hope this helps to give you some ideas of where to go next with your hair. 

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