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Editor's Pick: A Vegan Liquid Lipstick in 6 Creamy, Vibrant Shades

Lush Lipstick is also gorgeous as a lip stain and a blush.

When Lush first launched its makeup line in 2012, I'll be honest... I wasn't expecting much. The UK-based body care emporium has always been a go-to for fragrant soaps and bath bombs, not colour cosmetics.

Back then, they had a colour wheel in stores that you were meant to spin, and when it stopped, pick the makeup shades that "spoke to you" the most. Not because they were practical or whatever, but because you were drawn to them emotionally at that point in time, a concept based on colour therapy. 

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I recall choosing a Barbie-pink shimmer lipstick that supposedly meant I was "bubbly," and a lime green eyeshadow that stood for "intuition." Neither got worn. No wonder they've since retired that idea in favour of people just picking the colours they like best!

Since then, I've tried the cream eyeshadow in Sophisticated, which I love, and today, I'm going to show you a big selection of their lipsticks. If you ask me, Lush doesn't need those colour therapy gimmicks, because the products really speak for themselves!

Lush Lipstick

Lush Lipsticks.

So these are liquid lipsticks that deliver high-impact, full-coverage colour in a soft, creamy, moisturizing base.

It was actually the base that got my attention, when Lush reminded me of their existence a few weeks ago—it's jojoba oil. I love this oil because it's stable and an excellent hydrator. Plus, it's not going to irritate, unlike other common lip ingredients (I'm looking at you, vitamin E).

Other naturals include candelilla and rose waxes, with safe synthetics as the pigments. So, it's not an entirely natural product, but it is 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, with a very minimal ingredients list overall.

The Lush Lipstick applicator.

The packaging is a glass bottle, with a unique applicator that I've only ever seen with cream eyeshadows. 

You can either build up the colour all over your lips for a bold, opaque look, or dab on less and blend so it's more sheer and stained. The staining is no joke, by the way—these colours last a really long time! That's actually my preferred way to wear them, and definitely fills in a gap in my lip wardrobe, since I didn't own any natural stains. 

If you're going to wear them more like a traditional lipstick, then just keep in mind that you'll need to spend a bit more time perfecting your edges, since the formula is quite thin, and the applicator isn't that precise. A lip liner such as the all-natural Lily Lolo one would be a great addition!

Bonus: These also work well as long-wearing blush/cheek stains!

Alright, onto the colours. There are 12 shades to choose from and Lush sent me three to try. I liked them so well, I bought three more myself!


Lush Lipstick in Perspective.

Perspective is described as a nude rose. It's the palest and most neutral shade of the bunch, but darker than most nudes, so it covers up my natural lip tone well. It's such a great "your lips, only better shade," with a subtle iridescence and dusty undertones that keep it from looking too sweet. It also works beautifully on pale skin as a rosy blush!


Lush Lipstick in Bubbly.

Bubbly is described as a flirty, rosy pink. It's also packed with shimmer, which was the reason I didn't wear it when I first tried it years ago. I guess I didn't try blotting it down back then, which makes it a lot more subtle and wearable. But as a full-coverage lipstick, it's still too candy-esque for my colouring. To be honest, I like it a lot better on myself in the photo than in real life!


Lush Lipstick in Believe.

Believe is described as a raspberry ice cream pink. To me, that implies cool tones, but in reality, I'd say it's closer to a coral. I love this shade so much! It's very bright, but not as harsh (or let's face it, as boring) as a classic red. It wakes up your face in the best way. 


Lush Lipstick in Passionate.

Passionate is described as a hot-purple pink. I'm not sure where they're getting purple, because I see this as a fab fuchsia pink—remember when this colour was so in style about five years ago? I still love it! This one does have some iridescence but it's not in-your-face. 


Lush Lipstick in Decisive.

Decisive is described as a "pin-up," vintage cherry red, which I'd say is bang on. It has cool undertones, and out of all the colours, the most matte finish. I found it slightly drier and not quite as spreadable, so it takes more time to apply and perfect. But once it's on, wow! It makes your lips look so rich and full, and the stain lasts ages.


Lush Lipstick in Confident.

Confident is described as a deep, dark plum. This is the vampy shade in the line. It's also the thinnest formula. So while you can wear it full-strength for a Gothic look, you need to give it time to dry down so it sets. I think it's more beautiful blotted, as this creates the ultimate berry stain. Again, it takes some work to fix the edges (I didn't do a great job, but you get the idea!).

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