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The Best Makeup Looks to Wear With Glasses

Hey, four eyes! If you wear glasses, then you probably need these tips.

Glasses were once the universal sign for geekdom (thanks, Urkel). But they’ve come a long way since then, becoming so chic that I once knew someone who wore a pair of frames, sans prescription, just so she could look fashionable.

Though sometimes I wish I could see 10 feet in front of me without having to lug on some lenses, I’ve since learned to embrace my specks as the ultimate fashion accessory that also serves a purpose. But figuring out what makeup to wear under there can get complicated and confusing, so this one is for all my glasses-wearing girls.

From The Styling Edit Archives

Here are six makeup for glasses tips that'll make those eyes pop and that face look fab from behind those frames.

Makeup for glasses tip #1: Go big or go home

…with your lips, that is. Besides having probably the world’s plumpest pout, Lindsey Wixson is doing glasses the right way and her backstage runway look (from the Marc by Marc Jacobs F/W '12 show) can totally be transformed into real life. Because your frames can be distracting (or in the case of Wixson’s, über distracting), wearing a bold lip can help balance everything out. Neutral and natural makeup everywhere else is the key to this look. Save it all the colour—like crimson reds and bold pinks—for your mouth. My pick: MAC Lipstick in Ronnie Red… swoon!

Makeup for glasses tip #2: Try some eye candy

Hiding behind frames, eyes can be hard to notice. But if you wear neutral-coloured frames—like black, navy or tortoiseshell—you can afford to be a little experimental with your eye makeup. Even though Rita Ora's black glasses are crazy retro and her lips are painted red, I can’t take my eyes off her eyes. The swipe of pink liner under her lower lash line is grabbing my attention, bringing the focus back up to her eyes and not her wacky frames or bright lips. For a more neutral take on this look, try the Just Cavalli S/S '13 eye look, which would also be killer under a pair of specs.

Makeup for glasses tip #3: Don't get carried away

Coloured frames are super-fun and if you own a pair, good on you, girl, those are hard to wear! But you don’t want to end up looking like a face rainbow (I can’t believe I just wrote face rainbow) so stick with neutral makeup. Katy Perry pulls off coloured and patterned frames (she would!) by keeping her makeup simple; no crazy eyeshadow or coloured cheeks here.

Makeup for glasses tip #4: Be a natural beauty

Sometimes (nay, a lot of the time), simple is the best way to go. There’s nothing better than a fresh face—glasses or no glasses. It doesn’t take much for Karlie Kloss to look like a knockout, but she’s beyond gorgeous in these frames and some barely-there makeup. Keep skin fresh and light with rosy cheeks, a neutral eye and balmy lips while your glasses are sitting pretty.

Makeup for glasses tip #5: Score some brow-nie points

It’s no secret that brows define the face, but glasses do, too. So with this double definition going on, it’s important to keep your brows in check. RiRi’s are perfectly shaped and defined, echoing the arches of her frames. For naturally thin or sparse eyebrows, try filling them in with brow pencil or a matte eyeshadow in a matching shade.

Makeup for glasses tip #6: Let there be light

If you have a heavy or large pair of frames, they might steal the spotlight away from your eyes. Take it back by working a highlighter or shimmery white shadow in your favour. Add it to the inner corners for an instant brightening and widening effect. Kathleen Robertson has large, dark frames, but thanks to the highlighting in the inner corners, our attention stays on those gorgeous greens.

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