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Reviewed: Meta Grip Bobby Pins, the Best Bobby Pins of All Time

Once you try Meta Grip bobby pins, you'll never use another kind.

These Meta Grip bobby pins are a total game-changer.

My favourite part of writing for this website is getting to share the products I use and obsess over in daily life. (That, and it’s way more fun to talk hair and makeup with you guys rather than bore my boyfriend to death with swatches.)

Today is no exception: I’m here to sing the praises of Meta Grip, a.k.a. the mighty bobby pins that keep me from chopping off my hair when it starts strangling me in my sleep.

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These aren’t any old bobby pins (y'know, the kind ruined by cheap manufacturing). Meta Grip's Premium Bob Pins are masterfully designed, Japanese-style, professional-quality coated bobby pins that hold my hair in place ALL DAY. 

They never bend, rust, peel, snag or lose their rounded tips, so I don’t fear getting stabbed in the scalp when I’m half-asleep. They are seriously everything you could want in a bobby pin. 

The rust-resistant surface of Meta Grip Premium Bob Pins.

I discovered Meta Grip about eight years ago when I got tired of the usual drugstore offerings. Back then, it would take about six regular bobby pins to hold back two inches of my hair, only to have them fall out before noon. Gah! 

In contrast, the Meta Grip pins have a super-strong grip, so just one secures half my hair. Remember, interlocking a second pin guarantees a perfectly secured style:

Criss-cross your bobby pins to keep them locked in place.

Did I mention they come in different colours? I use the Black, but they also have Bronze and Gold.

These sell for about $8 per container, which gets you a coil of 300 pins (!!). I’m only on my second container because I regularly cut off 20-piece strips for friends so that they, too, can experience the magic. 

Each package of Meta Grip Premium Bob Pins contains 300 pins!

Each of the Meta Grip Premium Bob Pins is the size of a regular bobby pin. But if you have super-long, thick hair, you will love the Meta Grip Premium Roller Pins, which are much larger and straight.

Meta Grip's Premium Roller Pins are larger than the Premium Bob Pins.

The Bob Pins do everything a bobby pin should, while the sturdy Roller Pins are perfect for holding extra-thick hair and creating wavy hair shapes (a.k.a. the lazy girl's finger waves).

The only downside of these beauties? I suspect that dance troupes are in on the secret, so they’re almost always sold out at Sally’s. Snag ‘em while you can!

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