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The Best Hairstyles for a High Forehead

Bangs are not your only option.
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Q: I'm 5'5'' and have light blue/greyish eyes and very light skin. My hair is brown but currently coloured a medium honey blonde with slightly darker roots. It's very fine, although I have quite a lot of it. My hair gets oily quickly, so I normally wash it every other day. It's also very straight with almost no volume to it and the ends are prone to splitting.

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Marie wants a flattering cut, but not bangs.

Because of my slightly wider forehead, I'm lost as to what to do with my cut. I have straight bangs but don't like them at all and try to pin them back (in the front) as often as I can. I had angular bangs a couple of times but didn't like those too much either. I finds bangs to be impractical and would like something a little less time-consuming. I'm very open to your suggestions! — Marie

A: Marie, it is obvious that you can sport many different hair colours and that is exactly what I recommend. This is where you can play! You are one of the rare beautiful people who can wear any hair colour you dare. Please try it all.

You clearly have a very high forehead and maintaining any type of bang will present its own set of problems. Not much fun at all! 

I am saying to keep your hair long, without bangs... your hairstyle is really all in the styling.

Here are some styles that I have chosen for you that will give you a range of options. These photos are for colour considerations as well.

Kirsten Dunst at the 2006 premiere of 'Marie Antoinette'.

Long, light brown hair.

Nicole Kidman in a high ponytail.

I recommend keeping your hair low in the front at your hairline and getting any volume you can at the crown.


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