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How to Update Fine, Highlighted Hair

Ditch the streaky look.
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Q: My hair has thinned out and lost some of its natural curl over the past three years, and I'm starting to get just a few greys (I'm 32). I would still consider my hair of average thickness, but my strands are fine. 

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Rebekah is bored with her fine, straight hair.

I think because of all the hair changes, I have not been happy at all with any of my stylists. They love to give me chunky layers in the back and feather out the front. 

Also, since I was 16, I've gotten blonde highlights almost continuously, but I am tired of the bleached-out, streaky look. Since my hairline isn't straight (it dips at my temple area), I almost always have roots immediately. 

In December, I had someone lowlight with a filler and trim it straight across to try and even it out. Since then, I haven't touched it. I also have a funny cowlick on the right side, so I part there and stay away from bangs.

All that said and done, I feel BORING, BORING, BORING! Should I try some red? Ombré it? What about the cut? I do like my hair a little longer right now. Thanks! — Rebekah

A: Rebekah, I agree. Leave your hair long and keep growing it. 

Always keeping your ends clean is important for long, fine hair to look its best. We call it a dusting!

I suggest a side bang gently cut on one side of your face, and one length on the other side of the part with a soft wisp. 

Long, straight hair with side bangs.

This will compliment the bang when your hair is up or in a pony.

Speaking of which, please consider a part that is messy and driven from your cowlick to your crown. This is good for balancing hair distribution and diminishes the strong look of the cowlick.

Natalie Portman at the 2010 AFI Life Achievement Award.

As it gets longer, a wand could help you style like this as well as straight.

Emily Osment at the 2008 Do Something Awards.

This is the colour that I chose for you.

Blonde hair with highlights and lowlights.

It will add visual depth to your hair and show off its thickness. There are some natural lowlights with very warm caramel colours and a bright highlight. 

A gloss is a great idea for shine. It may take a little longer or another visit but is worth the effort. I was trying to find a suitable red colour, but it is difficult with photos to be exact with skin tone. I feel this colour has the warm tones missing in your current colour.


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