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How to Fix White Roots After Bleaching Your Hair

This will get them to match.
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Q: I've had dyed blonde hair for a while now, and my roots come in brown every few weeks or so. I went to my hairdresser and she toned my hair to a pretty ashy blonde, so I decided to try doing it myself at home.

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I bleached my roots and they went really white, while the rest of my hair was a yellowy-orange colour from the previous toner fading. I then proceeded to put the hair dye in, and the lengths went the colour I wanted—but my roots went grey!

How do I get rid of the grey without losing the rest of the colour, which I actually like? Will the grey roots fade? I want my hair to be all the same colour, but I don't want to have to re-do the strands, only the roots. And I don't want to have to go back to a hairdresser and pay heaps just to get the grey out. Is there a cheaper DIY option? Please help me! — Tahnee

Kate Moss at her Longchamp collecton launch in 2010.

A: Tahnee, thank you for your question.

The only way to remove the grey out of your roots is to lift them again, but not for so long. 

After seven to eight minutes, the grey will be gone and you’ll end up with your blonde roots again.

Then, you will have to do a different toner on your roots versus the ends. 

In order for them to match, a warmer toner should go on the roots and a cooler toner should go on the ends. 

Most likely, it will be a natural blonde toner on the roots, and an ash or cool blonde toner on the ends.

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