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Ask a Hairstylist: The Best Short Bob Haircuts for Fine, Flat Hair

Plus how to create volume with highlights.
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Short bob haircuts

Q: I recently cut my hair into a pixie, and I'm having trouble deciding whether I should keep it short or let it grow into a bob.

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Hair consultation - Iris

Iris recently cut her har into a short pixie.

My hair is very fine and slightly wavy. My challenge when it is long is that my hair is extremely thin, and needs a cut that adds volume. 

Hair consultation - Iris

Iris has naturally fine, wavy, dark brown hair.

I also have a lot of trouble maintaining the "baby curls" near my temples, so my stylist cuts them all the way down to manage the frizz. Sometimes I straighten them to keep them tame.

Additionally, I don't know what colour would bring out my skin tone best. My hair is naturally dark brown but currently, I have it light brown with blonde highlights. I've been dyeing my hair for several years now, and my hair tends to become dry from the chemical treatment. 

Hair consultation - Iris

Currently, Iris has light brown hair with blonde highlights.

Can you offer some suggestions on the best cut for my face as well as colour for my skin tone? I want a cut and colour I can stick with for a while. Thank you in advance. — Iris

Hair consultation - Iris

Iris is looking for the best cut and colour for her face and skin tone.

A: Iris, thank you for sending along your request for a hair consultation. I would grow your hair a little bit longer. You will need to start by growing out your bangs.

Kristen Wiig Governors Awards 2017

Kristen Wiig at the 2017 Governors Awards.

I would grow your hair into a short, French-textured bob. Your bangs should be a side-swept fringe that lands on your cheekbone.

Jenna Elfman The Heart Truth Red Dress Collection Fashion Show 2012

Jenna Elfman at The Heart Truth's 2012 Red Dress Collection Fashion Show.

Mariska Hargitay Emmys 2007

Mariska Hargitay at the 2007 Emmys.

Jenna Elfman Damages Season Five premiere 2012

Jenna Elfman at the 2012 Season Five premiere of 'Damages.'

Rachel McAdams Southpaw New York City premiere 2015

Rachel McAdams at the 2015 New York City premiere of 'Southpaw.'

The nape area should be a little softer to create a feminine look—a soft, layered blunt at the back. That's a technical hair term. Whoever is going to do it for you will understand this. 

As for your colour, you need to remove those highlights. They're sticking out and were not done with flair. 

Let's stick to one colour for about six months to a year. I like that sun-kissed brown that you have in your second photo. You suit that type of rusty brown. 

When you have a bit longer hair, then you can create more texture with highlights. But they should only be in certain areas—not in stripes coming down from the roots. They should be tucked under, like peek-a-boo highlights. It will look softer this way. You can also highlight a little bit more at the ends of your hair. 

Jennifer Lopez NBC Universal Summer Press Day 2017

Jennifer Lopez at the 2017 NBC/Universal Summer Press Day.

The highlights will give you the volume you are looking for, and a lot more finesse. Your hair is going to look very pretty, feminine and chic.